Table 2

Site-specific positive predictive values (PPVs) and false positive proportions

Total number of errorsTotal number selected for reviewPPV of diagnostic errors in current EHR system95% Exact CIsFalse positive proportion95% Exact CIsExpected PPV of diagnostic errors in an ideal EHR system*95% Exact CIs
Site A T19545420.9%17.3 to 25.07416.3%13.0 to 20.025.0%20.7 to 29.7
Site A T2234325.3%3.4 to 7.95011.6%8.7 to 15.06.0%3.9 to 8.9
Site A control114142.7%1.3 to 4.771.7%0.70 to 3.42.7%1.4 to 4.8
Site B T14622020.9%15.7 to 26.93114.1%9.8 to 19.424.3%18.4 to 31.1
Site B T2132375.5%3.0 to 9.2145.9%3.3 to 9.75.8%3.1 to 9.8
Site B control22001.0%0.12 to 3.6136.5%3.5 to 10.91.1%0.13 to 3.8
  • * Calculation: Numerator is the total number of errors and denominator is the total number selected for review minus the number of false positives.

  • Includes records where no documentation of clinical notes was found, patients left without being seen by the provider, patients saw a non-provider or patients were advised admission for further work-up but refused.

  • EHR, electronic health record; T1, Trigger 1; T2, Trigger 2.