Table 2

Characteristics of respondents interviewed and practices within primary care group (PCG)

Respondents interviewed (n=52)Lead general practitioner (n=15)Non-lead general practitioner (n=14)Practice nurse (n=12)Practice manager (n=11)
Age range
Years in general practice13.8 (SD 8.2)14.9 (SD 10.5)10.2 (SD 4.6)(data not collected)
Qualifications(data not collected)(data not collected)
PCG characteristics of the 18 practices Participating practices (n=15) Non-participating practices (n=3)
List size of each practice
 9000–<12 0002
 12 000+3
No of GP partners
 Single handed21
 2 partners01
 3 partners5
 4 partners21
 5 partners1
 6 partners3
 7 partners2
Level of computerisation
 No computer
 Computerised repeat prescribing and limited use of Read codes52
 Fully computerised repeat prescribing and some diagnoses Read coded21
 Fully computerised repeat prescribing and most diagnoses Read coded8
 Fully computerised repeat prescribing and all diagnoses Read coded00