Table 4

Phases of care during which problem in care that contributed to death occurred. (More than one option may apply for each patient)

Phase of care (%)Preventable deaths n=52Non-preventable deaths n=79
Before admission*13 (15.5)20 (19.2)
Early in admission19 (22.6)14 (13.5)
Care during a procedure8 (9.5)21 (20.2)
Postoperative/ procedure care7 (8.3)8 (7.7)
General ward care37 (44.0)41 (39.4)
  • * General practitioner, outpatient clinic, previous admission.

  • Includes assessment in the emergency department, emergency care before full assessment, admission ward, and preoperative assessment.

  • Includes high dependency or intensive care unit care.