Table 2

Summary of the review processes carried out by Mortality and Morbidity (M&M) meetings

General medical divisionSpecialist division
Test group 1Test group 2Control 1Test group 3Control 2
Source of mortality data for meetingsDepartmental databaseInpatient episode dataInpatient discharge dataInpatient episode dataDepartmental database
How meetings informedM&M coordinators extracted cases from databaseHospital intelligence unit notified M&M coordinatorsSoftware programme designed by M&M co-chairHospital intelligence unit notified M&M coordinatorsM&M coordinators extracted cases from database
Numbers of cases reviewed1–610–428–152–75–6
Criteria for selectionAll deathsAll deathsAll deathsAll deaths‘Interesting’ cases
Review processStandardised mortality reviewStandardised mortality reviewDepartmental structured processNo formalised structureNo formalised structure
Meeting recordsStandardised mortality review and minutesStandardised mortality processExcel spreadsheetMinutesMinutes
Issues identified and recordedYesYesYesYesYes
Actions specifiedYesYesYesYesYes
Actions assignedYesYesNoNoNo
Actions followed up at next meetingNoNoYesNoNo
Record circulatedMinutes yesNoYesAvailable for viewing but not circulatedAvailable at next meeting