Table 2

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MeasuresDenominator/cohortNumerator/definition10th and 90th percentile range of values at ICU level
Mortality at hospital discharge
 Unadjusted mortalityAll first ICU admissions, excluding transferred patientsNumber of patients in denominator that died at discharge from the hospital4.2–11.8%
 Adjusted mortalitySum of the predicted hospital mortality of each patientObserved number of deaths at hospital discharge0.66–1.25
 Unadjusted mortality of patients transferred from the ward to the ICU (reflects ability of hospital to rescue patients)Number of patients transferred from the ward to the ICU excluding those transferred to another hospital at discharge.Of patients in the denominator, those that die at hospital discharge8.9–26.2%
Mortality at 30 days from admission
 UnadjustedFirst ICU admissions for any hospitalisation, assigns patients transferred at discharge to the transferring hospitalsNumber of patients in denominator that died at 30 days from hospital admission7.1–13.8%
 AdjustedSum of the predicted 30-day mortality of each patientObserved number of deaths at 30 days from admission0.76–1.19
 Observed minus predicted length of stayCOHORT: Survivors to 32 days, LOS truncated to 32 days for those with LOS >32 daysCALCULATION: Sum of the Observed minus predicted length of stay for each patient divided by the total number of patients−0.99 to 0.57 days
 Mean Length of stayFirst admissions to the ICUDate and time of discharge minus date and time of admission divided by 24 h to convert to days2.14 to 3.93 days
Hospital acquired infections
 Central line associated blood stream infectionsNumber of central line days where each patient can have a maximum of 1 line day each day, CDC central line definition usedNumber of central line infections using CDC definitions0–3.85/1000 line days
 Ventilator associated pneumoniaNumber of ventilator days; counted once daily at the same timeNumber of ventilator associated pneumonias using CDC definitions0–5.28/1000 vent days
Process measures
Glycaemia management
 Hypoglycemia (cut point 45 mg/dl)Count of patient days in ICU on hypoglycemic agent per time period# patient days with a Glucose <cut point among patients included in denominator (on hypoglycemic agent)0–1.9%
 Hypoglycemia (cut point 60 mg/dl)1.4–4.7%
 Proportion of patients with mean glucose >180 mg/dlTotal number of patients (PTS) with at least two glucose measurements excluding those admitted with diabetes# patients with a mean glucose > 180 mg/dl (mean glucose=sum of all glucose meausures in ICU divided by the number of glucose measures)11–27.6%
Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) pharmacologic prophylaxis
 Mechanical ventilation# patients with mechanical ventilation ICD-9-CM codes# PTS in denominator with MD order for heparin, LMW heparin, Agratroban, fondiparinux, or coumadin63–93%
 Operative# patients with procedure codes (GI surgery, hip fracture/replacement) at high risk for DVT53–100%
 Non-operative# patients with primary admission diagnosiscodes for non-operative cases (CHF, COPD, pneumonia, malignancy, acute renal failure, sepsis) at high risk for DVT67–89.5%
Adherence to evidence based practices for devices
 Central line insertionTotal number of audits (entered monthly) of central line insertionNumber of times in audits each practice used (chlorhexidine skin prep, femoral site, maximal sterile barriers, bed sized drape)89–100%
 VentilatorAudited cases of ventilator practices# times each practice used (HOB> 30°, sedation vacation, spontaneous breathing trial, VTE prophylaxis, SUD prophylaxis)64–100%
 Bed turnsNumber of operating beds in the ICUNumber of patients admitted (rolling 12 months)45–91
 Adjusted bed turnoverThe number of operating beds in the ICUNumber of patients admitted (rolling 12 months) time the case severity index36–94
 Readmissions to the ICU during same hospitalizationAll patients admitted to the ICUNumber of patients who return to the ICU after discharge to the ward2–26%
 30-day readmission rate—all causeAll patients admitted to the ICU (first ICU admission to avoid counting patients twice)Number of patients in denominator who are admitted to the ICU within 30 days from dischargefrom the hospital8.6–14.2%
  • ICU, Intensive care unit; CDC, Center for Disease Control (US); VTE venous thromboembolism prophylaxis; SUD stress ulcer disease prophylaxis; HOB, head of bed.