Table 1

Summary of the structure and format of Mortality and Morbidity meetings

Meeting characteristicsGeneral medical divisionSpecialist division
Test group 1Test group 2Control 1Test group 3Control 2
FrequencyWeeklyMonthlyMonthlyMonthly and then weeklyNot formalised
TimingWorking hoursLunchtimeLunchtimeLunchtimeWorking hours
Length20–30 min1 h1 h3 h then 1 h1 h
VenueDepartmental seminar roomLecture theatre in medical schoolHospital committee roomDepartmental seminar roomDepartmental seminar room
Reason for organisationPart of a management meetingPart of a grand round programmeCapacity and semiformal settingLocal and easily accessiblePart of the professional development programme
AttendeesConsultants, a junior doctor representative, clinical director, senior nurses, managersConsultants, junior doctors, senior nurse, governance managersConsultants, junior doctorsConsultants, junior doctors, clinical director, nursesConsultants, junior doctors, clinical director nurses, pharmacists and dietician
Number of attendees1215–3518–2024–4125