Table 1

Rationale of trigger modifications from previous work24

Trigger characteristicsPrevious triggerNew triggerRationale
Time period10 days14 daysPrevious findings showed that diagnostic errors continued to be discovered at the 10-day cut-off
Inclusion criteriaDid not account for planned hospitalisations or elective surgeriesElectronically excludes planned or elective admissions related to (or from) day surgery, scheduled ambulatory admit, preoperative clinics, cardiology invasive procedure clinicLower proportion of triggered false positives will increase PPV as well as efficiency of record reviews
Did not account for admissions to units considered ‘non-acute’Electronically excludes admissions to long term and intermediate care, and rehabilitation units
Included all hospitalisationsIncludes only hospitalisations electronically designated as ‘acute care’ (eg, acute medicine, acute surgery, acute mental health)
  • PPV, positive predictive value.