Table 3

Cornerstone recognition program initial criteria

BronzeAchieve annual minimum standard for the number of individual Root Cause Analysis (RCAs) and Aggregated reviews completed within 45 days.
SilverMeet all Bronze criteria and in each RCA and Aggregated review used to satisfy bronze:
 There is at least one strong string of a causal statement with an associated intermediate or stronger action, with a quantifiable outcome measure and management concurrence.
 100% of all actions with outcome measure due dates (between specific dates) will be reported in the patient safety software system for the RCAs and Aggregated reviews used to satisfy the bronze criteria.
GoldMeet all Silver criteria and complete additional and/or optional RCAs and/or Aggregated Reviews (other than the four required categories) within 45 days. All identifiers are absent in completed RCAs and Aggregated reviews.