Table 3

Percentage of patients requesting a second consultation because of complications or unexpected effects in the course of the prescribed treatment, according to whether or not they consider having been correctly informed of the precautions to take

Patient informed of precautions to take*Not informedPatient informed of precautions to take*Not informed
N (%)N (%)N (%)N (%)
Patient did not report complications with treatment1216 (16.5)6160 (83.5)534 (9.8)4928 (90.2)
Patient reported complications with treatment542 (34.4)1035 (65.6)231 (26.6)636 (73.4)
Total1758 (19.6)7195 (80.4)765 (12.1)5564 (87.9)
  • * Informed about potential complications and the precautions to take in relation to the treatment prescribed.

  • All p<0.001.