Table 1

Pathway medium comparison (scores: ■ fulfils requirement; □ partially meets requirement; - poor)

CriteriaPost-it noteText box flow chart (paper)Pictorial icon chart (paper)Stylised icon -HTML
Illustrative figuresfigure 1figure 2figure 3figure 4
1. Conveys understanding of whole system--
2. Presentation of multiple flows (patients, information, etc)
3. Displays detailed information on individual processes
4. Identification of similar/duplicate/redundant processes
5. Comparison of practices (e.g. different sites or staff)
6. Basis for documentation-
7. Supporting training-
8. Ease of modification--
9. Ease of dissemination-
10. Accessibility of the tool-
11. Useful outputs for systems designers--
12. Useful outputs for non-expert