Table 3

Communicating safety concerns to clinicians

SubthemesInterview quotes
3aHaving one's knowledge and experiences of risk dismissed
  • “Subsequently we learned that this [incident] happened six times every day … We just wanted them to say, ‘Look we spoke to the [clinicians]. We've put a system in place. There is now a procedure. We've debriefed people’ … and it's just a real shit that it hasn't happened.” [Mother, intw#39]

  • “It was when we … had the next appointment with the oncologist … and we raised the matter [of inappropriate care] then and they, well he … played it down and … washed over it and didn't really … admit to anything or think it was a problem.” [Husband, intw#019]

3bBeing denied respect after an incident
  • “It's about treating people with dignity throughout the process [following an incident], to acknowledge their pain. I, I'm floored by the fact that these people deal with these issues everyday and yet behave this way. I cannot get my head around that." [Daughter, intw#015]

  • “They just said ‘oh no she's just had an allergic reaction to the drug’. They never even acknowledged it. I was there, I was outside my body, I could tell them what happened.” [Patient, intw#75]

3cSeeking assistance from outsiders to give force to one's concerns about service risks and incidents
  • “I wrote to the Ombudsman, I wrote to everyone I could think of.” [Wife, intw#055]

  • “Well the one reason we have chosen to do it this way [go to the media] is that Dad is adamant that we go to the media cause he is so so angry.” [Daughter, intw#33b]

3dCollaborating with the service on practice improvement
  • “I can look back myself and I'm proud that has changed and that wasn't good enough but now they've listened and um you've got to think of the, you know the health and well-being of how incredibly important it is to that family unit that that person has been given the opportunity to engage in that.” [Mother, intw#42]

  • “If I had stayed here and nothing had happened with that transport unit you would still feel very angry and very bitter and very, very sad that, I mean how frustrating if nothing had changed and blind Freddy could see that change needed to happen and if they put the walls up and said no, we know what we're doing, we're not going to change. That would have been just heartbreaking.” [Mother, intw#42]