Table 2

Proposing ways of strengthening safety

SubthemesInterview quotes
2aEnsuring one's own safety
  • “Had I not been able to fight for myself I could have been in the same situation as the little girl that died. … I wouldn't keep quiet so they had to listen to me.” [patient, intw#6]

  • “If I ever go in for anaesthetic or something now…I always look at the bags and always ask them if they've got the right medicine and everything, I feel like I'm a bit of a pain in the neck.” [patient, intw#22]

2bAdvising the service about how to improve safety
  • “I think also definitely that when you've got a number of care providers that they need to, I don't know whether they meet on a weekly basis or something, and coordinate their communication so that you have consistent communication rather than different perspectives all the time.” [patient, intw#66]

  • “What I had started to do [during my care] was to write down a journal and do an evaluation of what was going on in the hospital and where the problems were. Eventually they apologised to me and said that they would have a look at the systems.” [patient, intw#90]

2cStrengthening the practice of incident investigation
  • “I felt good about that, I felt like I really wanted to contribute in some way with my ideas about how that could have been avoided.” [daughter, intw#7]

  • “I would love to have been in on…I would have liked to have spoken to the board at the hospital and say to them, this is what happened…why did this happen in your hospital?” [wife, intw#14]

2dImproving disclosure communication
  • “I think the hospital should have actually told me they were taking my concerns on board and they were going to do training they were going to make a few changes in the ED department for all people with rare conditions … then perhaps let me know that changes had been made, you know ‘yes we are conducting training now, yes we are making these changes in the ED Department.’ ” [patient, intw#6]

  • “I think most probably it would be appropriate for hospital staff to … have some sort of dialogue, at the time … I guess for my mind, the protocol should be is that training of staff should be that they are trained to listen. Listen to what the patient is saying, not what you're assuming they're going to say.” [mother, intw#94]