Table 3

Bivariate association between independent variables and the attitude scale and the question about usefulness

Independent variablesAttitude scaleUsefulness for department
Coefficient*p ValueCoefficient*p Value
Male (vs female)−0.2900.0270.3620.133
Up to 10 years work experience (vs 10 or more)−0.2310.068−0.2610.285
Employees with quality functions (vs employees without quality functions)−0.0230.8790.2270.408
Type of position
 Head of section/lower (vs department leaders)−0.1670.1660.1230.580
 Ordinary employees (vs department leaders)0.0540.661−0.5330.015
Professional background (physicians vs others)−0.470<0.001−0.1190.597
Type of hospital
 Local hospital (vs university hospital)−0.1740.224−0.0180.946
 District general hospital (vs university hospital)0.0620.6100.1280.562
Experience from local patient experience surveys at own department (vs no such experience)0.1480.2220.2400.281
  • * Unstandardised regression coefficient.