Table 3

Comparison of pre- and post-Women's Preventive Health Clinic (WPHC) evaluation scores

Topic areaPre-WPHC (N=54)Post-WPHC (N=39)p Value
Pelvic exam1.541.52.152<0.0001
Pap test1.6522.3120.0002
Sexually transmitted disease cultures1.3912.332<0.0001
Osteoporosis screening1.3712.382<0.0001
Breast exam1.7422.382<0.0001
Coronary artery disease risk assessment2.0422.623<0.0001
  • p Value calculated using a Wilcoxon rank sum test.

  • Scores range from 0 (not at all comfortable with the topic) to 3 (extremely comfortable).