Table 3

Complications of ADEs caused by medication discrepancies, stratified by VA/non-VA group

ADE caused:VANon-VA*Example: discrepancy (ADE)
No symptoms (%)4248VA: phenytoin dosage increase (supratherapeutic phenytoin level)
Non-VA: clonidine omitted (hypertension)
Symptoms only (%)5450VA: fentanyl transdermal omitted (pain)
Non-VA: carbamazepine dosage decrease (seizure and lethargy)
Prolonged or additional hospital stay (%)42VA: nitroglycerin transdermal omitted (cardiac ischaemia, hospital readmission)
Non-VA: colchicine omitted (gout flare, prolonged hospital stay)
Permanent harm or death (%)00None
  • * p≥0.05 for all comparisons with VA group, by χ2 test.

  • ADE, adverse drug events; VA, US Department of Veterans Affairs.