Table 1

Matching the 2009 NPSGs to expected behaviours at the central line simulation station

NPSGPreparation at the stationTested procedural tasks/interns expected behaviours showing compliance with NPSGs
  • Goal 2: Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers

  • 02.05.01 Handoff

  • Provide the intern with an incomplete sign-out, instructing them to proceed with central line placement

  • Written sign-out available

  • Asks for additional information/proper handoff or consults the sign-out sheet, or both

  • Selects correct site for procedure based on handoff information

  • Goal 1: Improve accuracy of patient identification

  • 01.01.01

  • Use at least two patient identifiers

Simulated patient wears wristbandUses wristband to verify patient identity
Matches wristband against other source of identifiers
  • Goal 7: Reduce the risk of healthcare associated infection

  • 07.01.01

  • Comply with hand hygiene guidelines

Hand sanitiser and gloves availableUses hand sanitiser before touching patient
  • Goal 7: Reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infection

  • 07.04.01

  • Evidence-based practices to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections

  • Hand sanitiser, hat, mask, and sterile gown and gloves available

  • Central line kit does not contain skin prep

Uses hand sanitiser before sterile technique
Wears hat, mask, gown, and sterile gloves to place central line
Requests chlorhexidine to disinfect patient's skin
  • Universal protocol

  • UP 01.01.01

  • Conduct a pre-procedure verification process

Asks for safety pause that includes:
Patient name
Other identifiers
  • Goal 3: Improve the safety of using medications

  • 03.04.01

  • Label all medications

Central line kit contains unlabelled medication phial instead of labelled local anaestheticIdentifies unlabelled medication phial as inappropriate to use