Table 5

Regression results for individual-level analysis

OutcomePredictorR2R2βSignificant F change
Frequency of event reportingHSOPS feedback0.3710.3710.61p<0.001
Overall perceptions of patient safetyHSOPS management support0.5050.5050.29p<0.001
HSOPS staffing0.6160.1110.27p<0.001
HSOPS organisational learning0.6490.0330.18p<0.001
HSOPS non-punitive0.6630.0140.11p<0.05
HSOPS feedback0.6720.0100.11p<0.05
HSOPS handoffs0.6780.0060.09p<0.05
Patient safety gradeSAQ safety climate0.4330.4330.18p<0.001
HSOPS management support0.5050.0710.23p<0.001
HSOPS organisational learning0.5370.0320.23p<0.001
SAQ teamwork0.5600.0230.24p<0.05
  • Number of events reported within the last 12 months was not examined via regression because none of the culture dimensions had significant correlations with it, as per table 2.

  • Only significant predictors from the regression analysis are included in this table.

  • SAQ, Safety Attitudes Questionnaire; HSOPS, Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture.