Table 5

Preventability and severity of physician-classified patient-reported adverse events (AEs)

Study no.Severity*Preventability*
Serious/life-threateningSignificant/moderateMinor/insignificantDefinitely/probably preventableDefinitely not/probably not preventableUnknown
Mean % across studies8%53%39%47%52%5%
  • * Only percentages are displayed in this table. This is due to the lack of raw data provided on preventability and severity within some of these studies. The total average will therefore be the mean percentage across studies, and not a percentage calculated on the number of reports.

  • In this study, the degree of severity was only reported using the terms ‘serious’ and ‘not serious’, with 100% of patient-reported AEs classified as ‘not serious’. Therefore, for the purposes of this table, the patient-reported AEs are listed as ‘minor/insignificant’.