Table 1

Time estimates and unit cost inputs

Staff/activityTime estimate (min)Unit cost (£Sterling, 2007)
Email triage referral management system
 GP email to consultant neurologist2£111/h*
 Practice receptionist organising clinic visit for patient with hospital10£11.60/h
 Hospital secretary corresponding with GP for patient requiring:
 Advice only3£11.60/h
 Clinic visit13
 Consultant neurologist time spent dealing with patients requiring:
 Advice only5£152/h§
 Clinic visits25
 Consultant time spent on review15
Standard neurology care
 GP letter to hospital2£111/h
 Practice receptionist (letter to hospital)7£11.60/h
 Hospital secretary (organising clinic appointment with patient)13£11.60/h
 Consultant neurologist time in clinic30£152/h
  • * Based on the unit cost per hour of GMS activity.5

  • Based on Admin and Clerical Grade 4 under Agenda for Change (November 2007).

  • Same time estimate was assumed for re-referrals.

  • § Based on per hour of patient activity.5