Table 1

The measures that were introduced as part of the intervention

Preoperative hair removalNewPatients were advised to refrain from hair removal above the mons pubis during the last weeks prior to expected delivery. Written and spoken information was given to patients during pregnancy (weeks 17 and 35)
Suture for skin closingNewAbsorbable polyfilament suture for skin closure was replaced by absorbable monofilament suture coated with antibiotics. Information was given at staff meetings. Written procedures were changed
Dressing in the operating roomNewA sterile gown was introduced for the midwife delivering the baby
Wound dressingNewMepore bandage was replaced by Opsite Post-Op which is a highly absorbent wound dressing, minimising the number of dressing changes
Double glovingNewInformation was given at staff meetings. Written procedures were changed
Preoperative surgical hand washExistingAdherence to preoperative surgical hand washing was strengthened. A hand-wash timer was installed at every sink in the operating room
Aseptic techniquesExistingAseptic technique was strengthened during the postnatal period as part of caring for the surgical wound