Table 2

Rating questions completed by general practitioner (GP) participants (preappraisal), by appraisers (after face-to-face appraisal) and by anonymous web-based portfolio assessors

QuestionRating scaleCompleted by
Reflection template
 Source of feedback highlighted
  1. Important issuesLikert 1–7*GP participant
  2. Concern in performanceFace-to-face appraiser (preappraisal)
  3. Led to planned change
  4. Gave valuable feedback
Assessment of insightful practice template
 Doctor demonstrated
  1. Satisfactory engagement with the TIPP processLikert 1–7*Face-to-face appraiser (postappraisal)
  2. Insight into the feedback provided on performanceAnonymous assessor (postappraisal)
  3. Plans for appropriate action where applicable
  4. Engagement, insight and action (global rating of insightful practice)
  5. Suitability for recommendation as on track for revalidation without further opinionBinary yes/no
  • Face-to-face appraiser (postappraisal)

  • Anonymous assessor (postappraisal)

  • * Likert scale descriptors (1–7): (1) strongly disagree; (3) disagree; (5) agree; (7) strongly agree.

  • TIPP, Tayside In-Practice Portfolio.