Table 2b

Angioplasty items: item–item correlations (homogeneity)

Angioplasty items252832394552
25. “Overall, angioplasty is a good thing”0.5250.5700.2210.3330.430
28. “The balance of risks and benefits of angioplasty seem better than the risks and benefits of medication”0.5250.4230.2100.3220.318
32. “People who have angioplasty seem to do well”0.5700.4230.2100.3340.410
39. “Angioplasty is a last resort”0.2210.2100.2100.4200.422
45. “I'm too old to have angioplasty”0.3330.3220.3340.4200.612
52. “I'd put off having angioplasty”0.4300.3180.4100.4220.612