Table 2

Explanation of prevention strategy categories

Prevention strategiesDescription
Technology/equipmentRedesigning of hardware, software or interface parts of the man–machine system
ProceduresCompleting or improving formal and informal procedures
Information and communicationCompleting or improving available sources of information and communication structures
TrainingImproving (re)training programmes for skills needed
MotivationIncreasing the level of voluntary obedience to generally accepted rules by applying principles of positive behaviour modification
Up-scalingHandling the problem at a higher organisational level—eg, hospital department or hospital management level
EvaluationEvaluating the current way of behaving regarding safety
Quality assurance/peer reviewContinuously monitoring of data quality based on prespecified standards and assessment of a health professional's performance by one or more individuals in the same field
Financial investmentFinancial investments in required areas—eg, increasing the availability of facilities and equipment
PersonnelIncreasing the number of personnel
  • Descriptions of first six prevention strategies derived from Van der Schaaf and Habraken.13