Table 3

Proportion of patients reporting ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ with statements in the patient satisfaction survey questions related to indicators addressed in the field test

Percentage Practice A (n=106)Percentage Practice B (n=52)Percentage Practice E (n=50)Percentage Practice F (n=111)
Age (mean years, SD)45.1, 16.644.2, 14.646.8, 16.152.6, 16.2
Marital statusMarried/common law59.270.8Not asked*69.0
Current health good, very good or excellent82.683.3Not asked81.7
Completed no more than high school education29.628.3Not asked48.5
Household income previous year >$60 000Not asked41.7Not asked37.6
The practice is easy to get into (eg, wheelchair accessible, doors open easily)76.467.354.072.1
The practice has enough parking spaces48.261.516.079.2
I can contact the practice on the telephone easily60.475.094.075.6
If I need to, I can see a doctor in 1–2 days68.867.878.078.3
I can usually get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time84.061.586.086.4
My family physician spends enough time with me86.487.093.285.7
  • * Some practices removed demographic questions they felt were too personal.