Table 4

Potential predictors of wait times between referral and performance of colonoscopy in 367 patients diagnosed as having colorectal cancer during June 2001 to June 2007: results of multivariable quantile regression

Independent variableN (%)Median timeCoefficientSEp Value
No of clues
 1 clue166 (45.2)54.5Referent
 2 clues145 (39.5)83.01.00003.30570.76
 3 clues46(12.5)36.5−21.00004.8109<0.0001
 4+ clues10 (2.7)4.00.00009.42501.00
 Yes84 (22.9)2.0Referent
 No283 (77.1)84.055.67046.5823<0.0001
Urgency marked
 Routine184 (50.1)107.5Referent
 Next available16 (4.4)84.0−32.48937.4358<0.0001
 <30 days44 (12.0)69.0−37.05554.8338<0.0001
 <1 week123 (33.5)3.0−21.00005.58680.0002
Specialty of provider
 Primary care277 (75.5)70.0Referent
 Non-primary care90 (24.5)14.0−1.00003.88920.80
Non-electronic (verbal) contact
 Inpatient referrals (always require additional verbal contact)84 (22.9)2.0−760.00017.7711<0.0001
 Outpatient verbal contact42 (11.4)20.0−60.00005.8490<0.0001
 No contact241 (65.7)99.0Referent
Patient adherent to first referral
 Yes313 (85.3)41.0Referent
 No53 (14.4)308.0231.00004.3617<0.0001