Table 1

Definitions of equipment categories and incident categories with illustrative examples

Category and definitionIllustrative example(s)
Medical device:
Equipment that is used during the surgery procedure. Needs to be powered and gives information and/or has moving parts. Repairs and inspections are done by the department of Medical Technology.
Video carts, infusion pumps, x-rays
Equipment that is durable and does not need power. Most instruments are treated by the sterilisation department.
Everything in a set of instruments—for example, scalpels, scissors and tweezers. Furthermore, add-ons for medical devices for example, saws, drills and scopes are defined as instruments.
(Disposable) Materials:
(Bulk) products that are disposable after use. Furthermore, durable products that do not need to be sterile or powered are defined as materials.
Bulk products such as needles, plasters and bandages. Furthermore, the materials category contains products such as implants and ECG cables.
Facilitating equipment:
Equipment that has a supporting function in the OR
Equipment such as specialised operating room-doors, air-filtering systems, operating room-tables, operating room-lighting, non-medical computers and telephones
Equipment not available:
Equipment that cannot be found, that is in use already, or is not sterile
Special implants were sent to the hospital but arrived at the wrong location. Surgery was postponed until transportation to the other location was arranged.
Failing equipment:
Equipment that fails while using or testing it
During a minimal invasive surgery procedure, images on the video cart were no longer visible. A broken scope needed replacement in order to regain visual contact.
Using equipment in an improper way by operating room employees
While lowering the operating room table, a bedspread was crushed between the sliding mechanism. This stopped the operating room table from moving, and a replacement was used.
All incidents that cannot be placed in the categories unavailable, failing or misuse.
A bearhugger blanket for warming the patient was available, but could not be used due to protocol issues