Table 2

A mixed-effects Γ regression model of paediatric length of stay in intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand

ParameterCoefficient (β)95% CIexp (β)p Value > |;t|;
Respiratory support in the first hour0.680.66 to 0.691.96<0.0001
Elective admission−0.19−0.21 to −0.160.83<0.0001
Retrieval0.080.05 to 0.111.08<0.0001
Systolic blood pressure
 SBP (value)−0.02−0.02 to −0.020.98<0.0001
 SBP2 (value*value)0.000.00 to 0.001.00<0.0001
Age (in years at admission)−0.01−0.01 to −0.010.99<0.0001
Pupils fixed to light0.480.33 to 0.641.62<0.0001
Diagnostic group
 Diagnostic group 1−0.58−0.61 to −0.55<0.0001
 Diagnostic group 2−0.27−0.30 to −0.250.56<0.0001
 Diagnostic group 3Reference0.76
 Diagnostic group 40.290.27 to 0.321.34<0.0001
 Diagnostic group 50.580.54 to 0.611.78<0.0001
Recovery from a procedure?
 Yes, recovery from a bypass procedure−0.16−0.21 to −0.120.85<0.0001
 Yes, recovery from other procedure0.060.02 to
ICU admission source
 Operating theatre or recovery−0.09−0.13 to −0.050.920.0003
 Emergency department−0.06−0.09 to −0.020.940.0027
 Ward0.170.14 to 0.211.19<0.0001
 Other ICU or NICU (same hospital)0.280.15 to 0.421.330.0002
 Direct ICU admissionReference
Previous admission
 Yes , readmitted <48 h after discharge0.210.16 to 0.261.23<0.0001
 Yes, readmitted >48 h after discharge0.250.22 to 0.291.29<0.0001
Intercept1.791.62 to 1.955.97<0.0001
  • ICU, intensive care unit; SBP, systolic blood pressure.