Table 3

Number of discrepancies between the medication records from the general practitioner and from the home-care services before and after the implementation of multidose drug dispensing, classified on the basis of whether the drugs were dispensed in a multidose package or not

No of discrepancies before implementation, N=386No of discrepancies after implementation, N=424Absolute reduction in the percentage of discrepancies (95% CI)p Value
Multidose dispensable drugs82 (21%)50 (12%)10.2% (3.1% to 17.3%)0.006
Drugs not suitable for multidose dispensing51 (13%)34 (8%)5.0% (1.2% to 8.7%)0.010
Drugs to be used as required70 (18%)49 (12%)6.0% (0.42% to 11.6%)0.036
Total203 (53%)133 (31%)21.0% (11.8% to 30.2%)<0.001
  • Number of prescriptions.