Table 1

Description of variables in the ANZPIC Registry

VariableVariable descriptionVariable typeMissing values (%)
ICU length of stayPatient length of stay in ICU measured in daysContinuous0 (0.0)
Respiratory support in the first hour*Mechanical respiratory support given within the first hour of admission (0/1; no/yes)Binary0 (0.0)
Elective admission*Was the admission elective? (0/1; no/yes)Binary0 (0.0)
RetrievalPatient required specialist retrieval team? (0/1; no/yes)Binary43 (0.1)
Systolic blood pressure*Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)Continuous4025 (7.9)
AgeAge in years at admission (eg, 18-month-old has age=1.5)Continuous0 (0.0)
Pupils fixed to light*Pupillary reaction to light fixed? (0/1; no/yes)Binary0 (0.0)
Principal diagnosisANZPIC diagnostic codingCategorical5 (<0.1)
Recovery from a procedure*(0) No; (1) yes, recovery from a bypass procedure; (2) yes, recovery from other procedureCategorical0 (0.0)
ICU admission source(1) Direct ICU admission; (2) operating theatre or recovery; (3) emergency department; (4) ward; (5) other ICU or NICU (same hospital),Categorical0 (0.0)
Previous admission(0) No; (1) yes, readmitted <48 h after discharge; (2) yes, readmitted >48 h after dischargeCategorical43 (0.1)
  • * As defined in PIM2.30

  • ANZPIC, Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Intensive Care; ICU, intensive care unit; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit.