Table 4

Pearson correlations between distractions and handover time (individual and grouped)

Distractions/extra tasks involvedCorrelation with patient handover time and individual distractionsCorrelation between number of distractions by type and whole session time
Background conversation between people who are involved in the handover0.39*0.59*
Background conversation between people who are not involved in the handover−0.010.03
Doors opening0.26*0.23
Staff from outside the handover talking to those who are0.06−0.1
People walking through the handover0.05−0.26
Phone ringing near the handover0.040.26
Phone conversation occurring near the handover0.030.05
Mobile phone call involving someone who was involved in the handover0.37*0.54*
Bleep going off during the handover0.31*0.4*
Other alarm0.050.08
TV noise−0.03−0.12
Current patient interrupting−0.020.07
Other patient interrupting0.010.07
A patient's family member interrupting0.020.06
People making coffee near the handover0.03−0.18
People washing up near the handover0.02−0.18
Computer noises near the handover−0.01−0.3
Clinical-related noises (suction noises)0.050.29
Non-clinical-related noise (ice-making machine)0.090.14
Patient examination−0.040.78
Patient communication−0.040.21
x Ray viewing0.24*0.36
Total distractions0.45*0.59*
  • * Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (two-tailed).

  • Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (two-tailed).