Table 1

Practice characteristics (n=20)

Practice characteristicResults
 Family medicine17
 Internal medicine3
Geographic location (n)
Urban/rural location* (n)
No of clinicians (range 1–36, n)
 1 or 211
 3 or 47
Practice type (n)
 Physician owned14
 Hospital owned3
 Other (university practice, community-based primary care, non-profit)3
Duration of PPRNet membership (range 2–13 years, n)
 2–5 years8
 6–10 years6
 >10 years6
Active adult patients per practice (median, IQR)1894 (1001–2594)
  • PPRNet, Practice Partner Research Network.

  • * Defined by the practice zip code using the US Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration. Rural-Urban Commuting Area Codes (V.2.0).