Table 1

Characteristics of study subjects

CharacteristicNo phone interview (N=299)Completed telephone interviewEntire cohort (N=1410)
Total (N=1111)Intervention period (N=453)Control period (N=658)
Patient age mean (SD), median2.9 (3.1), 23.0 (3.2), 22.7 (2.9), 23.2 (3.3), 23.0 (3.2), 2
No of medications reported for child mean (SD), medianNo data0.84 (1.0), 10.83 (0.99), 10.85 (1.0), 1
Percentage of children with at least one allergy to a medicationNo data11.013.09.9
Parental education (percentage high school or less)28.522.123.521.123.4
Parental race (percentage Caucasian)71.480.876.983.578.8
Percentage Latino14.
Percentage reporting at least weekly computer use86.391.790.792.591.0
Percentage used ATM in last month81.084.283.484.783.5
Percentage with prior emergency department visit for child77.771.767.674.573.0
  • ATM, automated teller machine.