Table 1

Categories of complaints and their examples/definition

Type of complaintsExamples or definitions
Waiting timeLong waiting list for surgery or other special procedures, waiting in outpatient departments, waiting for the first visit appointment
Admission/appointment issuesLack of coordination in the admission process, restriction in inpatient or outpatient hospital capacity
Lack of access to clinical servicesAny deficit in access to non-cardiac specialist and special health services for inpatients
Inadequate attention to patientInadequate attention to patients' scheduled care mostly by clinical staff
Ignoring the standards of clinical careMissed or delayed diagnosis, inappropriate/ inadequate treatment, examination and investigation
General facilities deficitHospitality, sanitation, air conditioning, clothing, etc
Delay in delivery of general servicesDelay in delivering services such as preparing medical reports, taking place medical procedures, special consults, etc
Communication failuresRudeness or insensitive/inappropriate remarks, poor or inadequate communication including inadequate update on medical condition, inadequate attention to patients' wants, inadequate responsiveness
Breach of patient's rightsBreach of patient's rights such as respect, privacy, confidentiality, belongings, etc
Financial discount requestingRequesting discount about patients' bill
Outcomes of complaintsExamples or definitions
Explanation offered and acceptedCases in which the complainant has been convinced by the explanations of the complaint responder or the manager of the Quality Management Department about the conditions or limitations causing dissatisfaction and discontent
Verbal apology providedVerbal apology to the complainant by the physician, nurse or other member of staff who has brought about the patient's discontent intentionally or unintentionally by inappropriate behaviour or in any other ways
Resolved by compensationCompensating for the financial losses of the patient if the expert team accepts
Disapproved claimWritten complaints which are regarded as a disapproved or unreasonable claim after monitoring the manager of the Quality Management Department and investigations of the expert team
UnavoidableComplaints for which, despite the fact that they are reasonable, no special decision has been made because of the facilities and conditions of the hospital and the nature of the complaint—for example, cancellation of a surgery due to the absence of the surgeon or delay in the hospitalisation of the patient due to unpredictable reasons such as a lack of adequate beds at that time
Correction in policy, process or procedureAdopting some reforms in policies and processes in the hospital or in the way of performing activities in order to reduce the likelihood of complaints by patients