Table 2

Three factors of handoff characteristics (rotated factor loadings higher than 0.3)

Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3
Item 5: All relevant information was selected and communicated0.71
Item 2: The person handing off the patient continuously used the available documentation (anaesthesia record, patient chart, etc) to structure the handoff0.690.39
Item 7: The person handing off the patient clearly communicated her/his assessment of the patient0.64
Item 1: Handoff followed a logical structure0.62
Item 3: Not enough time was allowed for the handoff0.60
Item 6: Priorities for further treatment were addressed0.580.39
Item 13: Documentation was complete0.41
Item 12: The team jointly ensured that the handoff was complete0.84
Item 11: Questions and ambiguities were resolved (active enquiry by the person taking on responsibility for the patient)0.70
Item 8: Possible risks and complications were discussed0.67
Item 10: There was tensions within the team during handoff0.76
Item 9: It was easy to establish good contact at the beginning to the handoff0.310.72
Item 16: Patients' experience was considered carefully during handoff (respect)0.360.52
Variance explained (%)21.8716.8111.28