Table 2

The figures summarises the HCWs' report from the questionnaire

HCWs' self-report through questionnaireYes, n (%)Not answered, n (%)
Do you know what ICNews is?96 (86.5)4 (3.6)
Have you read one or more issues of ICNews?84 (75.7)7 (6.3)
Did reading of ICNews refresh your knowledge in infection control?83 (74.8)22 (19.8)
Did reading ICNews make you change behaviour related to infection control?55 (49.6)26 (23.4)
Do you know that there is an ICC in your ward?96 (86.5)2 (1.8)
Have you attended the ICCs ward education?70 (63.1)0
Have your knowledge in infection control been refreshed through attending the ICC ward education?64 (57.7)42 (37.8)
Have you changed behaviour related to infection control through attending the ICC ward education?58 (52.3)42 (37.8)
Are you aware of the ICCs' hand hygiene audits?89 (80.2)7 (6.3)
Did hand hygiene audits improve your hand hygiene compliance?73 (65.8)17 (15.3)
  • HCWs, healthcare workers; ICC, infection control link contacts; ICNews, Infection Control Newsletter.