Table 4

Classification skills of the study nurses in the pretest

Intervention (n=658), percentage (n)Control (n=559), percentage (n)Significance*
All photographs44.6 (5703/12772)44.3 (4795/10823)p=0.82
Normal skin95.1 (621/653)94.1 (514/546)p=0.19
Blanchable erythema68.8 (440/640)68.6 (372/542)p=0.13
PU grade 143.8 (840/1917)38.2 (620/1625)p=0.17
PU grade 245.8 (871/1901)52.4 (855/1630)p=0.11
PU grade 335.2 (672/1908)38.8 (624/1608)p=0.32
PU grade 451.8 (996/1924)51.7 (841/1626)p=0.62
IAD32.2 (617/1917)25.5 (413/1621)p=0.47
PU/IAD33.8 (646/1912)34.2 (556/1625)p=0.21
  • * Adjusted for country, educational level, work experience and accounting for clustering of photos within nurses.

  • IAD, incontinence-associated dermatitis; PU, pressure ulcer; PU/IAD, combination of pressure ulcer and incontinence-associated dermatitis.