Table 4

The transtheoretical model

Stage of change (Prochaska and Velicer26)Suggested correlation to our categories of description
PrecontemplationNot aware of the problem; not interested in taking action; tend to avoid reading, talking or thinking about their high-risk behavioursCategory A
ContemplationHave intentions to change, know the pros but are much aware of the consCategories B and C
PreparationHave intentions to act in the near future, have taken some action and have plans for how to change
ActionAct to a degree to reduce riskCategory D
MaintenanceTry to keep the new behaviour and avoid relapsesCategory E
  • According to the model, behaviour change is a process involving five stages. Previous theories described behavioural change as an event. The right column shows our suggestion of best correlation between identified perceptions and stages of change. Note that perceptions and stages include different aspects and cannot be totally correlated.