Table 2

Percentage ‘yes’ for questions with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response categories, grouped by type of position within the department

QuestionPercentage ‘Yes’
Department leaders (n=18)Head of section/lower level (n=30)Ordinary employees (n=29)Total (n=79)
Have you been informed about the results for your department? How?*100877686
Has your department discussed the results formally (ie, department meeting, employee meetings)?100806278
Has your department implemented initiatives to improve weaknesses identified by the parent survey?89533856
Have the results of the parent survey led to changes in how employees behave towards patients?33171118
Do you have knowledge of the report from the national parent survey in 2005?83704865
  • * ‘Yes’ includes the following response categories: ‘yes, meetings,’ ‘yes, notice,’ ‘yes, internal notes or email,’ ‘yes, informal meetings with colleagues,’ ‘yes, other.’

  • These questions included an additional ‘Don't know’ category. The denominator includes this category, and the number of ‘Don't know’ responses ranges from 15 (formal discussion of results) to 56 (changes in behaviour).