Table 2c

Surgery items: item–item correlations (homogeneity)

Surgery items23036434647
2. “Surgery would prolong my life”0.5120.4300.4400.2440.313
30. “Overall surgery is a good thing”0.5120.4200.5120.4100.518
36. “The balance of risks and benefits of surgery seem better than the risks and benefits of medication”0.4300.4200.4500.2310.305
43. “Surgery gets the treatment over with quickly”0.4400.5120.4500.3010.432
46. “I would have surgery if I could avoid being a burden on others in the long term”0.2440.4100.2310.3010.311
47. “People who have surgery seem to do well”0.3130.5180.3100.4320.311