Table 3

Summary of improvement interventions

Start dateEnd dateIntervention/actionRationalePlanned measureOutcome
11/068/07Characterise settingUnderstand current processesAble to construct process mapProcess map completed
3/073/07Resident education: mixed didactic slide lecture with role playReceive weekly didactic lectures; active component to learning improves retentionHIV screening ratesIncreased rates
3/0710/07Determine baseline testing ratesUnderstand current performanceRates of hepatitis B virus, gestational diabetes, group B streptococcus, HIV screeningKnown rates over 12 months
3/0710/07Attending education: informal individual conversationsUnaccustomed to formal interventions in clinical careHIV screening ratesIncreased rates
4/074/07Nurse practitioner education: handout, modified consensus processHold regular small group meetings; accustomed to modified consensus processHIV screening ratesIncreased rates
10/07OngoingAudit and feedbackKnowledge of performance supports improvement effortsHIV screening ratesIncreased rates