Table 1

Items of the rating tool for handoff quality

Item noItems per item category
Handoff characteristics
1Handoff followed a logical structure
2The person handing off the patient continuously used the available documentation (anaesthesia record, patient chart, etc) to structure the handoff
3RNot enough time was allowed for the handoff
4In case of interruptions during handoff, attempts were made to minimise them
5All relevant information was selected and communicated
6Priorities for further treatment were addressed
7The person handing off the patient clearly communicated her/his assessment of the patient
8Possible risks and complications were discussed
9It was easy to establish good contact at the beginning to the handoff
10RThere was tension within the team during handoff
11Questions and ambiguities were resolved (active enquiry by the person taking on responsibility for the patient)
12The team jointly ensured that the handoff was complete
13Documentation was complete
14There was too much information given
15Too much information was asked for
16The patient's experience was considered carefully during handoff (respect)
Handoff quality
17Overall, the quality of this handoff was very high
Circumstances of the handoff
18The person handing off the patient was under time pressure
19The person taking on responsibility for the patient was under time pressure
  • Negative worded items (3R and 10R) were reverse-coded for all data analyses. Items in italics were excluded from the analysis as a result of missing value analysis and inspection of intercorrelations.