Table 6

Overview of best practices in the patient clinic in 2003 for all 17 specialties on every element

CardiologyEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Cardiothoracic surgery
Gynaecology and obstetricsEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
General surgeryEmbedded Image
Internal medicineEmbedded Image
Otolaryngology (ENT)Embedded Image
PaediatricsEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
PulmonologyEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
GastroenterologyEmbedded Image
NeurosurgeryEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
OphthalmologyEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Orthopaedic surgeryEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Plastic surgery
  • Embedded Image, reception/admittance; Embedded Image, nursing care; Embedded Image, medical care; Embedded Image, information; Embedded Image, patient autonomy; Embedded Image, discharge and after care.