Table 2

Selected results of the system audits of the seven practices

Section A—Indicator Group 1: Respecting the needs and rights of patientsN (%)
Designated privacy person (% yes)7/10 (70)
If yes, person trained to respond to patient enquiriesabout health records
 Fully7/7 (100)
 Not at all0
Section A—Indicator Group 2: Access and availability
Are patients informed about after-hours availability? (% yes)9/9 (100)
Practice has procedure to handle prescribingprescriptions without a visit
 Yes, written5/10 (50)
 Yes, not written5/10 (50)
Section A—Indicator Group 3: There are no barriersto access
Railings beside toilets
 All7/10 (70)
 Some2/10 (20)
 None1/10 (10)
Section B—Indicator Group 5: Practice's physical facilities and safety
Percentage of exam rooms with task lighting accessible to table (percentage Yes)8/9 (88.9)
Section B—Indicator Group 6: Medical equipment
Percentage of vaccine units expired but available (mean)0
Percentage of emergency medications expired but still available (mean)0
Percentage of samples expired but still available0
Section D— Indicator group 11: Information management
Electronic medical record computers have password protection
 All9/10 (90)
 None1/10 (10)
Section D—Indicator group 13: Human Resource Management
Regular meetings of entire team (percentage yes)4/8 (50)
Section E—Indicator group 15: Continuous quality improvement and continuing professional development
Record of professional development (percentage yes)3/9 (33.3)
Section E- Indicator group 16: Quality of work life
Regular meeting minutes involving the entire staff (percentage yes)4/8 (50)