Table 1

Results of preintervention and postintervention Likert questionnaires

Questionnaire asks for degrees of 1=strongly agree, 4=neutral, 7=strongly disagree Z score, preintervention/postinterventionMean Likert ratings, preintervention/postinterventionp Value (two-tailed)
My work in the medication station is easy102.0/−2.685.20/3.60<0.01
I rarely wait for the Kardex99.0/−2.7966.00/4.35<0.01
I am able to use my full concentration74.0/−3.5016.10/3.85<0.01
I am rarely interrupted here78.0/−3.4166.25/4.50<0.01
I am satisfied with the current medication station111.0/−2.4565.65/4.150.01
My work in the medication station is efficient190.0/−0.2753.60/3.400.78
Medication errors are unlikely to occur due to my work here200.0/0.0003.90/3.901.0