Table 4

Results of knowledge and attitude assessment

Outcome measureBaseline (N=289)Postintervention (N=289)Cohen's d baseline to postinterventionRe-evaluation (N=151)Cohen's d postintervention to re-evaluationp Value
Knowledge mean86%96%1.093%0.42< 0.001
SD 9.8%SD 5.8%SD 7.3%
Repeated samples ANOVARange 50–100Range 80–100Range 65–100
Attitudes SAQ
Friedman'sSafety climate (median)< 0.001
SD 14.6SD 15.6SD 15.8
Teamwork climate (median)< 0.001
SD 13.4SD 13.3SD 16.7
Overall (median)71.375.90.3174.10.01< 0.001
SD 12.5SD 13.6SD 14.4
  • ANOVA, Analysis of Variance; SAQ, Safety Attitudes Questionnaire.