Table 2

Consideration of sex differences in (current and previous) guidelines

SectionGuidelineNHG practical guideline for functional disorders of the thyroid glandNHG practical guideline for thyroid gland disordersNHG practical guideline for constitutional eczemaNHG practical guideline for constitutional eczemaNHG practical guideline for COPD: treatmentDraft practical guideline for COPDDraft practical guideline for hereditary colon carcinomaGuideline for rheumatoid arthritisMultidisciplinary guideline for alcohol abuse and dependence
Year of publication19962006199620062001Draft version 2007Draft version 2007Draft version 2007Draft version 2006
IntroductionSubtotal sex-specific statements1327050119412
Concerning reproductive health070000040
Underlying evidenceSubtotal sex-specific statements102006100180
Concerning reproductive health720000033
RecommendationsSubtotal sex-specific statements in recommendations/total2/303/400/150/180/243/220/210/40
Concerning reproductive health23000008
Underlying evidenceSubtotal sex-specific statements112607837112923
Concerning reproductive health72206002123§1
RecommendationsSubtotal sex-specific statements in recom-mendations/total2/6413/1200/520/590/1160/974/8013/980/45
Concerning reproductive health21300000130
Total sex-specific statements in underlying evidence345501282090133203
Total sex-specific statements in recommendations415000071310
Total of all statements in recommendations94160525911612110210095
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • * This guideline focuses on treatment.

  • Reproduction: abbreviation for pregnancy, breastfeeding and other aspects of reproduction.

  • This section contains a separate subsection on surveillance of endometrial and ovarian cancers.

  • § This section contains a separate subsection on pregnancy and breastfeeding.