Table 5

Comparison of diagnosis-related malpractice allegations in the inpatient vs outpatient setting (1986*–2010)

AttributeInpatientOutpatientp Value
Attributable fraction of all claims31.2%68.8%<0.001
Attributable fraction of all claims payments32.4%67.6%<0.001
Mean per-claim payment (SD)$406,365 ($569,461)$384851 ($489797)0.001
Median per-claim payment (IQR)$241410 ($93597–$509945)$232050 ($86275–$509850)0.002
Proportion of claims resulting in disability32.8%34.8%0.001
Proportion of claims resulting in death48.4%36.9%<0.001
Proportion of claims resulting in disability or death81.3%71.7%<0.001
  • *Data on setting are available in the NPDB only for claims filed after 31 January 2004. This table does not include claims filed before 2004, so claims paid during the 1980s and 1990s are under-represented in these analyses.

  • NPDB, National Practitioner Data Bank; $, US$.