Table 2

Prevalence of hospital-wide practices among 129 Pennsylvania hospitals

NCP* end-of-life care domainNQF preferred practiceLevel of evidenceProportion with practice
Hospital practicen (%)
Formal code policy or form for cardiopulmonary arrestStructure/processesYesC122 (95)
Clinical ethics consult serviceEthical/legal aspectsYesA106 (82)
Educational programme on palliative and end-of-life care to nursesStructure/processesYesB97 (75)
Educational programme on palliative and end-of-life care to doctorsStructure/processesYesB79 (61)
Emergency department complies with out-of-hospital do-not-resuscitate ordersStructure/processesYesC69 (54)
Bereavement programmePsychological aspectsYesC63 (49)
Required code status discussion on admissionStructure/processesYesC55 (43)
Palliative care consult serviceMultiple domainsYesB47 (36)
Designated or “flex” palliative care bedsStructure/processesNoC40 (31)
  • * NCP: National Consensus Project's clinical practice guidelines for quality palliative care.

  • NQF: National Quality Forum's national framework and preferred practices for palliative and hospice care quality,

  • Estimated from an informal survey of national experts in end-of-life care; A, randomised clinical trial; B, observational study; C, expert recommendation.