Table 4

Perceived importance and availability of support practices for staff who are involved in serious patient safety incidents*

Staff support practicesnImportanceAvailability
Chaplaincy support1533.510.9683.621.670
Psychological services1534.340.8264.451.046
Exemption from clinical duties following incidents1533.990.7813.591.232
Information about processes after incidents1534.520.7304.470.925
Occupational health services1534.310.8044.640.805
Peer support groups1534.110.8533.571.406
Personal legal advice1533.650.9843.141.511
Prompt debriefing1534.490.7843.891.108
Stress management services1533.580.9502.711.500
Guidance/mentoring by senior clinical people1534.490.7484.061.113
Training on being open1533.910.8972.911.414
  • * The response scales were five-point Likert-type scales ranging from 1 (very unimportant) to 5 (very important) and 1 (never) to 5 (all the time) respectively.