Table 4

Quality of care overall: score comparisons between people who died and those who survived

Quality of careCare fell short of good practiceSatisfactory careGood or better careTotal numbers of reviews
Quality of care scores1 (unsatisfactory)2345 (good)6 (very best care)
People who died (%)5 (4.3)3 (2.6)13 (11.1)32 (27.4)40 (34.1)24 (20.5)117* (100%)
People who survived (%)59 (4.1)97 (6.7)134 (9.3)288 (19.9)640 (44.2)229 (15.8)1447* (100%)
  • *Two cases from the group of 119 people are not included in this analysis due to incomplete data. Both had phase scores of 5 or 6 with no negative comments, but for each the overall care score was missing, so they could not be grouped by overall care score.

  • χ2=9.800; df=5; p=0.0811.